The Works Sector comprises of two Departments (Roads and Technical Services and that of Rural Water and Sanitation). The sector further has to ensure proper quality in design, construction, inspection and maintenance of all Local Administration building structures. The national roads are developed and maintained by the Ministry of Works and Transport. The District Local Government maintains district roads while Community access roads are the responsibility of the Lower Local Governments. This section presents selected statistics on work services delivery.

The District has a total of approximately 181.4 Km of National roads, 234 km of District roads, 4.7898 km of Urban roads and 309 km of major Community Access Roads. The district is in charge of maintaining the condition of Feeder roads whereas Sub-Counties maintain community roads.

Roads by grade, Length and condition
There are several categories of road networks including National roads managed by the Central Government, District roads managed by the District, Urban roads managed by the Town councils, and community roads are maintained by community members.

The housing in this category basically includes buildings/rooms being used for Office accommodation for the various departments within the district. The district has seven functional office blocks shown in Table 6.5 with 41 rooms used as office space with other five room used as store, however the space is inadequate, therefore some staffs are sharing office space. The district also has two non-functional buildings which are in poor condition. The district plan to renovate these building in FY2015/16 to create more office space since there is shortage.

Mechanical (vehicles and plants)
This is the section under works and technical services which is responsible for the maintenance and custody of the district vehicles and motorcycles.

Point water sources