The Department of Education is charged with overseeing the implementation of the district and National education policies and plans. It also monitors and evaluates the performance of the education system and school operations to keep required standards within the district. The areas of focus include teachers, pupils, school facilities and parents.

The Department also seeks to strengthen the institutional frame work for the management of schools and assurance of accountability of public resources in education programmes. The department is one of the best funded sectors in the district. The District Council equally joins the Government to promote education for all its citizens in partnership with parents and others members of the community. As such, the Government's Education policy is to promote quality basic education by improving access by girls and boys, equity and retention in all Primary schools and other levels of learning.

Educational Institutions
Educational institution is any institution whose sole or main purporse is the provision of education and such institution must be normally accredited or sanctioned by some public authority.

Number of Primary schools
The district had a total of 73 primary schools by the 2014, of which 44 are government aided, 25 community schools and five privates school. Alero Subcounty was registered the largest number with 24, followed by Koch-goma with 20, then Purongo with 14. Anaka Subcounty had the least number with six. Anaka Town Council was the only one with private school which are four in number.

Secondary schools

Other Educational Institutions
A part from primary schools and secondary schools, the district also has 46 Pre primary schools and only three Technical Schools that offer technical skills for not more than one year. However the district lack other higher educational institutions such as Teachers training colleges, Universities, Higher Technical College and Vocational schools and other institutions. Table 5.3 below shows the different Education institutions in the district by ownership and level

Staffing levels and Enrolment– primary and Secondary