Administrative Structure
Nwoya District has one Higher Local Government; Two counties of Nwoya and Nwoya East, 11 lower local governments in all by FY 2022/23. Anaka Town council, Purongo Town Council and Koch Goma Town are the Urban Centre in the District and there are seven rural Sub-Counties. There are 28 parishes with 124 villages and 16 wards with 64 Sub-wards in the Town Councils.

Human Resource Management
This is the SECTOR charged with management of the entry, stay and exit of staff in the district which is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, the Local Government Act, the Public Service Act and Public Service Standing Orders and Administrative Instructions and Guidelines issued from time to time. The District Service Commission is the Appointing Authority responsible for recruitment, confirmation, promotion, disciplining and termination of appointments.

The District Council is the highest political authority in the district, with 15 members under the headship of the District Chairperson. It has a technical team headed by the Chief Administrative Officer, distributed in 11 directorates and departments namely; Administration, Finance, Works & Technical Services, Health Services, Natural Resources, Education and Sports, Community Based Services, Planning, Production, Audit, Statutory Bodies.
Each of the departments has a head and under every directorate, there are a number of Sections.